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It's been years(potentially 7 or more) since the events of the first graffiti city took place. With the death of a few notable people triggered the rise of new powers and a change in the city of graffiti. From the ashes of the Lombardi Family rose three other mafia's, The Futoji, Winchester, and Jackson families each one form a steady alliance to keep the peace between each other, but who knows how long it will last. Along with new gangs appearing all over the place the most notable one being the Fukuji Drift a bunch of rag-tag racers from japan that now control most of the streets. And let's not forget the Harlem Syndicate that rule the slums a bunch of nasty dudes. They are the two most popular and well-known gangs in the city doesn't mean they are the strongest though. 

The cops have finally managed to get things under control for the most part and have some new methods in the works to keep the peace we'll see how far that gets them.

Last, but not least let's not forget the witches and warlocks themselves. The ones that are really pulling the strings across the city. Knowing this one almost anyone could be a witch doesn't mean they're all bad.

In the city of graffiti anything wild can happen.

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