Basic info Edit


Name: Hideaki Aimes

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Race: Wizard (?)

Biography Edit

Born into a small poor family, Hideaki Aimes didn't want to simply die a poor street rat without ever having made a mark on the world (be it a negative or a positive one). He desired "immortality" and fame for both himself and his younger sister Ruri, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Deciding the best course of action to achieve his goals was to start the long journey to master his powers. Along the way he picked up handy charisma and manipulation skills that helped him get in with the mafias of his home city. Then, as the siblings grew stronger with their magic they were given job after job by mafia gang after mafia gang. During the events of the first Graffiti City, Hideaki and Ruri were on a job of sorts when they heard inklings of what happened. Seeing it as a chance to take a step up in the world, Hideaki decided that Graffiti would be their next target. Which is good, due to a problem arising from one of their jobs and the two siblings having to leave their city lest they wanted to deal with a very angry mafia boss and his daughter. Of the two siblings, Hideaki is most certainly the more "outgoing" and the one that feels less guilty about their actions. He cares deeply for his sister (though it may not look like it from the outside looking in) and would probably destroy someone's life if they ever hurt her in any way shape or form. He isn't the most loyal, rather he's more likely to stab you in the back than anything if he feels you aren't paying him enough; or if he believes you're in his watyof his goals.

Powers Edit

  • Long life span due to heritage
  • Memory manipulation is his main gimmick. He can control what a person remembers and what they don't remember. He can add or delete memories on a whim. He either needs his tome (for larger groups if they're moving or if he needs a particularly strong memory spell), touch them (his gloves serve as the conduit, usually used on one person or on objects like video cameras), or by simply looking at a particular person (only works on one person at a time, also cannot add or delete memories this way can only slightly change).
  • Mind reader (Need only look at a person but if he wants to get their full backstory and everything he has to touch them)
  • Basic understanding of guns, particularly magnums
  • Weakness: Uses his powers too much (like in a big group or whatnot) he suffers from major headaches and nosebleeds, can also go temporarily blind in some instances, not the most physically strong person in the world