Basic info Edit


Name: Ruri Aimes

Screen Name: LadyBlue08

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Age: 18

Biography Edit

Was born into a poor family with her older brother Hideaki in a city not too far from Graffiti. Due to their poor lifestyle the two had to find other means of getting by, but nobody would hire them and those that did paid them extremely little. So the two decided to tap into their heritage and devout their time practicing their magic. Not much is known as to what happened after they became "pros" as Hideaki claims, but one can infer that from their actions they turned to a life of crime selling out to the highest bidders. When they aren't being hired by mafias or other groups they're using their talents elsewhere, robbing banks, blowing up trains, and relaxing in whatever "office" they've set up for themselves. Ruri is most certainly the most reluctant of the two of them to commit these crimes, merely desiring a life of peace. She doesn't speak much mostly due to her brother's more forward personality and her shy demeanor, but is willing to do anything to please him despite her own wants and desires... for now at least.

Powers Edit

  • Long life span due to being a witch
  • Specializes in explosions, can create runes on surfaces or people by touching them. (Power of the explosion depends on how much energy she has to expend)
  • Can create a large amount of runes but it will tire her after a while and make her pass out
  • Has a basic understanding of blades
  • Weakness: Feels guilty pretty easily and is kinda slow in her movements